I have no idea what I'm doing...


Our son turns 14,

I can’t believe it,
How big,
And grown up,
He already is.

I still remember that little baby,
Crawling around,
Discovering the world,
Waking me up at night.

In 4 years,
He’ll be a grown up,
With a driver’s license,
And a will to go out there,
To make it by himself.

I always had this idea,
That a teenager,
Would be hard work,
With years of,
And him standing up to me,
Defying me.

But it turned out,
That my son,
Is one of my best friends,
In the whole world.

He is unbelievably wise,
And he has a sense of humor,
That makes me smile,
Even if I don’t want to.

He is caring,
Helps people,
Whenever he can,
And never expects something,
In return.

He has an unique vision,
On the world,
And is not afraid,
To stand up for it.

He has a patience,
That goes beyond,
My imagination,
And he is sensitive,
But only shows this,
To the people that are,
Close to him.

He is not picky,
In his friendships,
And accepts people,
The way they are.

He never judges,
But he will tell you,
When you are wrong.

I can’t believe,
That the Gods were so kind,
To bring this amazing child,
Into my life,
And I am so grateful,
Each and every single day.

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