I have no idea what I'm doing...


A dream is,
A wish your heart makes,
Cinderella taught us that,
Since we were a little kid,
And I tried to hold on to that,
That dream,

But as an adult,
I find it way more difficult,
Then it was when,
I was a kid.

As a little girl,
I climbed trees,
Never watched the clock,
Felt never tired,
And couldn’t care less about,
The laundry that had to be done,
After my millions of adventures,
Every day.

Life was easy,
It was fun,
And there was always so much,
To explore.

As an adult,
I feel that life,
Has become predictable,
You know?
The days all look the same,
Food on the table,
Every evening I’m doing dishes,
And I feel that little girl,
That is still somewhere inside of me,
Staring at me,
“Who are you?”

As a kid,
I made a promise,
I would never be like the grown-ups,
No matter what,
And I feel myself slipping,
Aching for my bed,
When my daughter is still talking,
About her new YouTube video.

She is filled with energy,
Every day,
And I realized,
It’s because she does,
What she loves,
Every day,
Every hour,
And even every minute.

From now one,
This is my dream,
Doing what I love,
As much as possible,
Every day,
Every hour,
And even every minute.


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