I have no idea what I'm doing...

A matter of taste

You can’t discuss taste,
If you like wearing spikes on your back,
That’s you,
People will stare,
But you can’t discuss someone’s style.

If you like it,
Wear it.

That’s my motto anyway.

But every now and then,
ok, quite often,
I watch tv shows,
Like Project Runway.

Today I saw the final episode of that,
And the girl that should’ve won,
In my opinion that is,
Got third place.

I was astounded,
What was wrong with these judges?

There were three candidates left,
Two boys,
One girl.

The girl was the best,
One boy came very close,
But the other boy…
He just didn’t convince me.

He became second.

What was happening?
I didn’t like his clothes,
So yeah, a matter of taste.

But the judges bickered about hems not being alined,
Sewing that wasn’t good.

Sure, that is important,
I know.

But these are creative minds,
With a very little amount of time.

The girl’s show was a real fashion show,
It is how I imagine a runway to be,
(Never been to one so really can’t tell)

She was third,
And I can’t wrap my brain around it,
Do I have bad taste?
Or was it the judges?
Was there something I missed?

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