I have no idea what I'm doing...

Almost there

You know that song?
Almost there,
From “The princess and the frog”.

I love that movie by the way,
A girl,
Working hard,

And a boy,
That takes everything for granted,
Looking for a rich girl,
Because his parents have cut him off.

She is so sure,
So sure of what she wants in life,
Determined to get it,
Destined, almost.

And then I wonder…
What do I want?
Do I know?
Am I as committed as she is?

I’ve been messing about with video’s,
For Youtube,
Taping them with my webcam.

And when I look back at them,
I find myself so stupid,
So lame.

And I’m too lazy to learn how to edit them,

I’m not as determined as she is,
Will I ever get there?

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