I have no idea what I'm doing...


I have 24 guinea pigs.
2 dogs.
And about 15 fish.

That’s all.
I used to have a cat as well.
And a rabbit, running around free in the garden.

I love animals.
Always have.
When I had to introduce myself in class, my animals were always the first thing I mentioned.

My mother had four cats, a dog, a guinea pig and a rabbit.
I loved my life.
Always someone there to play with.

But when my mom died it all changed.
My dad, owning a pet store, didn’t like animals.
And my grandmother was a clean freak.

So, the cats went to a new home.
The dog stayed with my grandmother (whom I visited twice a week).
And the rabbit and guinea pig came with me to my father.

He kept them in his small warehouse.
And constantly complained about me not cleaning the cage.
(I was 8).

When I left home the first thing I bought was a dog.
Not a bed, no furniture, no clothing.
A dog.

To me, it was like buying air.
Something I couldn’t live without.

My grandmother thinks I’m crazy.
24 guinea pigs.
My children love it and talk about it in school.
The teachers there all think I’m crazy as well.

My husband is understanding but has his limits.
The house is full now.
No more.

And though it is a lot of work.
I love my animals.
All of them.

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