I have no idea what I'm doing...


My all time favorite,
Disney movie,
Is definitely “Beauty and the Beast”.

The intro,
Where the prince is told,
That he should learn,
Not to be deceived by appearances,
Gets me every time.

I had the privilege,
To see a great comedian at work,
Who gets a lot of comments,
On his belly.

Why is it,
That people think,
They have the right to comment,
On how other people look?

Ever since I was little,
I looked beyond the physique of someone,
And was always more interested,
In the stories,
They had to tell,
And how their personality,
Was formed.

I don’t care,
How you look,
You can have pink hair,
Or your weight can be far over,
What is appropriate,
It will probably just spark,
My intrest in you.

When I was 10,
One of the most interesting people I knew,
Was a mute,
I spend as much time with him,
As I could,
And his sense of humor,
And life lessons,
Were so interesting,
If you just took the time,
To listen.

What you achieved in life,
How much money is in your bank account,
It doesn’t matter to me,
What I care about,
Is how you treat others,
How you talk to that stranger,
On the street,
That has no money,
And unwillingly depends on you,
To help him out,
With a few euros.

If I can teach my children,
Just one thing,
In their life,
It is to never be deceived,
By appearances,
So far,
I think I did a great job.

They didn’t raise their hand,
When the comedian asked,
How many people had thought to themselves,
“Hmm, he has a belly”,
And were,
Just like me,
At how many that did.

They asked me afterwards,
“Why would it matter?”
“He’s just a great guy”.

Take into account,
That we don’t “know” him,
We don’t talk to him,
On a daily basis,
And we have no idea what his life is like,
My kids just wanna be friends with him,
And I can’t blame them,
He has something,
You can’t put your finger on it,
But you know it’s there.

And when you see that,
The belly,
The looks,
They all change,
Right in front of your eyes,
Making him more beautiful,
And more unique,
Than he himself,
Could ever imagine.


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