I have no idea what I'm doing...

As if on wings…

Have you ever stood in a room,
And felt the energies,
And I mean really felt them,
From the man in the corner,
With a drink in his hand,
Or the woman,
Surrounded by female friends,
That is the light of the party?

If you have,
Did you close your eyes,
And did you see the movie,
Of their lives,
Flash before your eyes?

And what did you do then?
Did you discard it,
As a figment of your imagination?
Or did you take it to heart,
That the energy that you felt,
Was the truth?

That the woman,
Who is the light of the party,
Is actually miserable,
And hasn’t got a clue,
Of what she’s doing?

Or that the man,
Who is standing in the corner,
Actually has the potential,
Of doing something great?

And did you ever act,
On that feeling,
Those vibes,
Did you speak some comforting words,
To that woman?
Or did you ask the man,
What his greatest dream is?

If you haven’t,
Take a chance,
Go with that hunch,
Because your gut,
Is never wrong,
And energies don’t lie.

If you have,
Then my dear,
You are changing the world,
Turning it around,
Making lives better,
And it means,
That you earned,
The wings on your back,
That were there all along.

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