I have no idea what I'm doing...

Bargain queen

In every shop,
Whether it’s clothes,
Or candles,
My eye get’s drawn,
To the sales items.

It has gotten so bad,
That I even do it,
In secondhandshops,
That are already,
Very cheap.

I come from a time,
Where there was not enough money,
To put food on the table,
And I had to think,
About every cent I spent.

It left a bigger mark on me,
Then I ever anticipated.

Last week,
I was in a clothing store,
And I bought a pair of earrings,
That were 8 euros,
Not a lot of money,

To me,
It felt like a big spending,
Especially if you know,
That I normally grab 8 pair of earrings,
For that price,
On the sales rack.

But something strange happened,
The earrings from 8 euros,
Haven’t left my ears ever since,
I love them and wear them,
All the time.

In contradiction,
To the eight pair,
I would have bought before,
Two of them would be forgotten,
Two of them,
Would have been worn once,
And the other two,
Would have been storaged,
In a drawer of some kind,
Only to be tossed out,
After a year or so.

Price doesn’t,
Or shouldn’t,
Prescribe what you buy,
Love should do that,
That one item that makes your day,
Get that,
That one item that brightens your mood,
Or looks like something,
You’ve been looking for for years,
Go for that.

I know,
I was lucky,
That pair of earrings,
Can be bought by almost anyone,
That perfect Chanel handbag,
That’s another story,
But we’ll all get there in the end,
No worries.

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