Just a misfit, writing for other misfits.

Bring in the professional!

If you want to get anywhere,
In this world,
You need a professional,
Someone that knows what he,
Or she,
Is talking about.

These people have travelled the road,
Before you,
They know the bumps,
And the falls,
The scrapes on the knees,
And the bruises on your hands.

They already lived the life,
That you are looking for,
And their experience is priceless.

There’s just one problem…

The chance of you,
Finding that professional,
That mentor,
That shining light of hope,
Is always there,
But the chance that they’ll make time for you,
Seems so small.

Why would they take you,
Under their wings?

Why would they have the patience,
To guide you,
On a path they already travelled?

Once you are up,
At their level,
They’ll talk to you,
Be interested,
And give you their time,
But that’s not really,
When you need it,

That being said,
I don’t think anyone,
Is a professional,
And we should be very careful,
When we use that word,
Because it implies that someone,
Is higher up,
Than the rest.

And nobody ever really is,
Truth be told,
Nobody really knows,
What they are doing.

We are all just muddling along,
Doing our best,
Trying to make something,
Of the things that spark our soul,
And that give our hearts a beat,
So be kind,
To everyone you meet,
Not because they know something,
You don’t,
But because we’re all the same,
And the roads we travel,


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