I have no idea what I'm doing...


When I was little,
Life was easy,
All children got along.

When I grew up,
Children became mean,
If you were different,
You got bullied.

I got bullied,
A lot,
Especially in the secondary school.

My dad didn’t know,
I didn’t tell,
What could he have done?

The last years of secondary school,
I became friends with my teachers,
Because none of the teenagers…
Understood me.

I felt like an alien,
Because I wanted to learn,
Not the lessons,
But the wisdom of life.

All the other kids cared about,
Was getting wasted,
My uncle is an alcoholic,
So I never cared for booze.

I had seen what it could do.

My daughter is seven,
She has a hard time finding someone to play with,
Not because she is not nice,
Or smart.

But because she is too mature,
She wants everybody to get along.

It breaks my heart,
Because it does make her sad.

The other children are too busy,
Stealing best friends,
Bragging about things.

What worries me most,
Is that she is only in the first grade.

She has years ahead of her.

I just hope she finds someone,
At school,
Who gets her,
Understands her,
And walks with her.

Because once I reach the school gate…
I have to let her go.

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