I have no idea what I'm doing...


Some would say,
The world evolves around it,

A luck of the draw,
Getting the right card,
Or the right numbers,
The right person,
At the right moment,
Or a piece of food,
Waiting for you in the refrigerator.

There are many chances,
Of luck in this world,
And some seem to get more,
Then others.

We all know someone,
Who has the winds of luck,
Under their wings,
Who gets the job,
The wife or husband,
That seems absolutely perfect.

But is it really luck?
A nice draw,
A role of the dice,
Or is there more to it?

Because what some people see as luck,
Other people miss,
Or discard.

When you meet a new person,
Do you see a chance,
Or do you judge them,
Based on their clothes,
Or looks,
And discard them?

When you see ingredients,
Even if they are limited,
Do you see a chance to cook a lovely meal,
Or do you sigh because it is not enough?

See the chances that life gives you,
Embrace them,
Love them,
And I garantee you,
Your luck will change.

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