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Christmas break

Here we go,
I know,
I know,
You’ve been bombarded recently,
With Instagram posts,
Facebook pictures,
And bloggers,
That show,
And tell you all,
About their Christmas.

And yes,
Here I am,
Another one.

I’m sorry,
But I just have to,
I doubted it,
I swear,
And had thought about,
Skipping it here,
But I can’t.

You see,
I love Christmas,
Ever since I was a kid,
I was enchanted,
By the lights,
The tree,
The presents,
And the atmosphere.

The idea,
And the spirit of Christmas,
Is so magical,
That it always,
Touched my heart.

Famous people,
Started creating songs,
To stop the hunger in Africa,
All of a sudden,
Family got along,
And the cashiers of the supermarket,
Started wearing funny antlers,
And were patient,
And kind.

When I was 8,
My mom passed away,
About two weeks,
After Christmas…

The magic was gone,
Because what was,
Without her?

I realized,
That she had brought along,
A lot of the twinkling,
And sparkling,
That made this day,
So special for me.

And for years,
I felt like,
It was lost on me,

Must have taken pity,
On me,
Up there,
Because when she left me,
They send in,
My future husband.

Not only,
Did he restore,
My faith in life,
He also brought back,
The magic of Christmas.

Growing up,
It was his favorite holiday too,
For exactly the same reasons,
And he made it feel,
The same way,
As it felt,
When my mother was still alive.

Now that we have,
Two kids,
Who get excited for Christmas,
Two months in advance,
I can honestly say,
That Christmas is again,
The best time of the year.

Filled with games,
And presents.

Presents where we show,
Each other,
How well we know,
One another,
How much we care,
For each other,
And how much,
We need one another.

That sometimes slip by,
In the rest of the year,
Because we are too busy,
Too occupied,
With other things.

Christmas is our,
Mini family break,
Totally dedicated,
To one another,
And that,
Deserved a blogpost.

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