I have no idea what I'm doing...


It’s such a big word,
Isn’t it?

But people use it so lightly,
“You should have a bit more confidence”,
Like it is easy,
Like you can buy it somewhere,
Just go over to the shop,
And get some.

I wasn’t born with it,
It’s quite the opposite,
I think someone forgot,
To check the box,
When I was send to earth,
Leaving me,
With absolutely none.

And because it’s such a big deal,
I have gotten really good,
In faking it.

You know what I’m talking about, right?
The cool face,
The little exaggerated smile,
Watching how you stand,
Keeping your shoulders straight,
Whenever you want someone,
To believe,
That you have it all under controle.

Turns out,
I’m not the only one,
Who’s really good at it.

We had to visit my son’s school,
For a family day,
It had lots of activities,
And was really fun.

We invited my grandmother,
And my husbands father,
With his girlfriend,
When my grandmother heard,
They were coming too,
She asked me what she should wear.

Never in my entire life,
Did she do that,
And I realized,
That she wanted to make a good impression,
And feel confident,
About herself.

She had been faking it,
Her whole life!

And it made me realize,
How stupid it is,
To pretend.

We all have our flaws,
And you know what?
It makes us all more beautiful,
And just plain human.

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