I have no idea what I'm doing...


In life,
We make connections,
From a young age,
We get attached,
To our parents,
A bound,
That stays with us,
Our whole life.

We’ll make connections,
With other people,
Wether it is relationships,
Or children of our own.

We form,
Emotional bounds,
And they guide us trough life,
But sometimes,
They hurt us.

Think of children,
With abusive parents,
They get scarred,
For life.

A friend,
Sometimes turns out,
To be an enemy,
Someone that is nice,
To your face,
But stabs you in the back,
Without a second thought.

Our children grow up,
And start a life,
Of their own,
And sometimes,
They lose sight of us,
Because they get too busy.

A common way,
To deal with these things,
For humans,
Is building walls.

We convince ourselves,
That we can do it,
On our own.

If we only,
Count on ourselves,
We’ll never be disappointed,

This might just be,
The biggest lie,
We tell ourselves.

Because if we only,
Depend on ourselves,
We’ll never learn,
About true love,
Or friendship.

If we go through life,
By ourselves,
We are missing the entire point,
Of what life is about.

Connecting our heart,
To others,
Without fear,
Or mistrust.

Feeling a bound,
That let’s us know,
That we are forever connected,
Even if we aren’t in each others lives,
We will always be,
In each other’s hearts.

Because even the ones,
That hurt you darling,
Or left you,
They once loved you,
Cared for you,
And helped you,
On your way,
To become the best,
You could ever be.

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