I have no idea what I'm doing...


My name is Lynn,
And I’m guilty,
Of consumption.

You hear it,
All the time,
We need to stop,
Consuming so much,
It’s better for,
The environment,
It stops warming the planet,
A big issue,
We are dealing with.

But have you,
Visited a shop,
During the days,
Before Christmas?

The only thing,
Anyone was worried about,
Is if they should get it,
In green or in black,
For uncle Mark,
And what would aunt Mary like,
A candle,
Or a Christmas sweater?

I am not the only one,
Who is guilty,
Of consumption.

We are all in this,
Because we all go,
To the cheap shops,
So we can score,
A new pair of shoes,
That we don’t feel guilty about,
If we only wear them once,
And you know why?
Because it feels good.

All those pretty,
New things,
They bring us joy,
We feel good,
Because we scored.

We scored something,
Something different,
A thing,
That brings out,
Our sparkle.
But you know,
What I’ve realized?
It fades,
Very fast.

Once you’ve worn,
Those earrings,
About five times,
And raked in,
All the compliments,
You wander off,
To something new.

And that,
Can’t be the point,
Can it?

The earrings wander off,
Into a drawer,
Or on a shelf,
And we forget all about them,
And in the end,
They land,
In a bin.

But wait,
Weren’t these the ones,
That brought out,
Our sparkle?
Did we really just,
Throw them in the bin?
What went wrong here?

For years,
I’ve been buying clothes,
And accessories,
This way,
And it never brought me true joy,
Because all I was really doing,
Was finding myself.

Maybe this suits me,
Maybe this is,
Who I am.

You see,
We have it backwards,
First we need to know,
Who we are,
Then we can find things,
That suit us,
Make us shine,
And give us a personality,
Without saying a word.

And you know what,
Once you realize that,
The stuff,
Won’t matter anymore,
Because finding out,
Who you are,
Is so big,
That it needs no underlining,
No extra’s,
Nothing special,
Because you,
Only you,
Are what’s special,
More special,
Than all the stuff,

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