I have no idea what I'm doing...


We humans have a tendency,
To control things,
We want it to go our way,
And if it doesn’t,
We get upset.

Even as a toddler,
We throw a fit,
If we don’t get what we want,
Even if it’s just a pack of gummy bears.

For three years,
I’ve been trying to grow my own vegetables,
Every year,
I failed miserably.

They died,
Probably because I did stuff wrong,
Too much water,
Or not enough,
Too close to something else,
Or a lack of manure.

But every year,
I learned something,
Things that I now can take in consideration,
To get it right.

The biggest thing I learned though,
Is that no matter how long I stare at my tomato plant,
Or my paprika’s,
I can’t make them grow any faster,
As to how they are supposed too.

This might sound like a stupid thing,
But remember that control issue,
At the top of this page?

My vegetables taught me,
That I can’t control anything in life,
I can’t make them grow faster,
But it’s the same in every area of our lives,
We can’t force things,
Even if we desperately want too.

We just have to trust,
That things will bloom at the right time,
When everyone,
And everything is ready,
Not just us.



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