I have no idea what I'm doing...

Dear America,

Whenever I thought of you,
I was proud,
I envisioned freedom,
People making a difference.

A country where everything was possible,
A place where people were safe,
Somewhere over the rainbow,
Where chances were around every corner.

You were grand,
Oh how grand you were,
With your statue of liberty,
Smiling on everyone that joined you,
Welcoming the poor and the hungry,
Looking for a better life.

But then some man came along,
And he told you that he would make you great again,
And you believed him.

Now he’s taking kids away from their parents,
Putting them in cages,
He’s killing elephants,
And selling their “parts”,
Like they were cars.

The whole world looks at you,
In disgust,
At what you’ve become.

This man turned you into a pool of death,
And violence.

The world is trying to open your eyes,
To tell you the truth,
That you were always grand,
That you were a magical place,
And that this man threw it all away.

It would be like Micky Mouse turning evil,
Disneyworld killing people,
You would take a stand,
Wouldn’t you?
You great America,
Land of the free,
Land of the brave.

So take a stand,
Make yourself grand again,
And don’t settle for great,
Because you are so much more,
Than this swamp you have become.

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