I have no idea what I'm doing...

Docter’s orders

I’m entering the fifth day of being sick,
No questions why I’m not posting pictures, right?

I feel miserable,
My head still feels like it’s going to fall off,
Any minute now,
And it makes me feel so tired.

Mostly, I sleep.

I went to the doctor yesterday,
She subscribed me some Valium,
Just, to relax,
And get a good sleep.

I have a viral virus,
No idea which one,
She took my blood,
And I’ll have the results tomorrow

Can’t wait.

This virus has blocked my neck,
I can’t turn right, or left,
Can barely look down.

If I’d have to cross a street right now,
I’d be dead,

When I’m awake,
I watch “Friends”,
Always a comfort in miserable times.

I can only eat dry cookies,
And a bit of bread,
(my stomach is still upset)

Drinks are water,
And Coca cola,
(I can have a bit of a treat right?)
The last one I drink because it should help,
For my bowels,
(what a word, bowels)

Besides all of that,
I’m starting to hear things,
That no one said,
And seeing things,
Normal things,
That look abnormal to me.

Maybe it’s the lack of normal food,
I don’t know.

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