I have no idea what I'm doing...


I have a new addiction,
It is called “Sherlock Holmes”.

I saw the movies,
And absolutely loved them.

But now,
I’ve found “Elementary”,
And I simply adore it.

It is just so brilliant,
If you haven’t seen it,
I won’t give any spoilers,
So, no worries.

My husband found the series,
It’s a Sherlock Holmes,
But in modern times.

It’s absolutely amazing.

Watson is a woman,
I like her less,
I liked Watson in the movies,
The one in Elementary…
Not so much.

But when do I ever really like woman?
Except Jennifer Aniston,
I love her.

Sherlock stole my heart,
And if my husband wasn’t so strict,
(one episode an evening, grr…),
I’d probably watch them all,
In one night.

Can’t wait for Netflix to arrive here…

But what is it,
That makes this show so good?
The mystery?
The murder?

It’s the guy,
He’s smart,
You wanna know him,
You want him to be your friend.

But he’s always out of reach,
You just can’t quite catch him.

When you see this show,
You want to know what he knows,
You want to observe people,
Get inside their brain.

It is thrilling,
It makes your blood pomp.

At least,
It does for me.

And I love their clothes,
And Watson’s.

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