I have no idea what I'm doing...

Everything at once

A few days ago,
It was my son’s birthday,
His gift came as a big surprise,
To all of us,
He got a stomach flu.

Not really what we had in mind,
For him,
We had talked about,
Going to the movies,
Getting Chinese food,
This was definitely not the plan.

Off course I wanted him,
To feel ok,
So I got him dry biscuits,
Lots of water,
And a comfy bed,
With lots of pillows and blankets.

He rushed to the toilet,
Almost every hour,
Until there was nothing left,
And we all started to walk around him,
In a big cirkel,
Keeping away from the germs.

It’s normal,
That you don’t want to get sick,
But with us,
It was more the panic,
That the holidays are getting closer,
And we really don’t want to spend them,
Hanging over a toilet.

As always,
The flew left him,
After one day,
I am not kidding,
One day,
That’s all he gets,
Every year.

It makes me so jealous,
Because as my daughter pointed out today,
On our way to do groceries,
“We all get something,
Every year,
But you always get everything we have,
At once mom”.

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