I have no idea what I'm doing...


The eyes are the window to the soul,
So I’m told.

When putting on make-up,
I want them to “pop” out,
Not out of my head,
But most of the time they do,
Pop out of my head,
And not in a good way…

Am I the only one struggling?

It’s morning,
You just woke up,
You still have that nasty taste in your mouth.

You walk to the bathroom,

Hurrying to get some clothes on.

After that,
You face the mirror.

You look pale,
Burned out.

You feel sleepy.
A headache.

And then you have to apply your make-up,
With that feeling.

Why does the day start so early?
I’m so much better at make-up at noon,
I know,
I’ve tried.

Back to the eyes.

With sleepy eyes,
You have to make a wing,
A black wing,
With eyeliner.

Both wings,
On both eyes,
Have to look the same.

Are you feeling me?

Every morning I end up,
Smearing eyeliner everywhere,
Taking to much off,
With cotton sticks,
And applying again.

Then, the left wing is higher then the right wing,
My fingers get smudged,
It’s absolute hell.


When they are sort of even,
I realise they don’t make my eyes “pop”,
In fact,
They look smaller.

What’s up with that?
So I start Googling,
I try a different wing,
One that is right for your “eye type” (my what?)

Apparantly we have categories,
Eyes too far apart,
Eyes too close together,
Big eyes,
Small eyes,
Droopy eyes (no kidding)

No idea what mine is,
So I just smudge up a big heap of mascara,
And pray that nobody notices,
My crooked wings,
My small eyes,
And my broken window to the soul…

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