I have no idea what I'm doing...


Most people love it,
And can spend hours,
Of tasting,
With family,
Or friends.

I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong,
I eat,
But I’m very limited in what I eat,
And because of that,
I always dread,
Going to things,
Where food is involved.

When my family wants to get together,
It’s always,
In some way,
To do with food.

We’d go to an amusement park,
“Let’s grab a bite to eat”,
Or a walk in the woods,
“Let’s get something to drink,
And eat while we’re at it”.

It’s all very sweet,
And normal,
But my food habits get in the way,
And even after 31 years,
Most of my family,
Doesn’t get it.

I love to cook,
I can mix ingredients,
Without weighing,
Or tasting,
It’s pure on sight,
And how the colors “match” together.

It sounds weird,
I know.

Even weirder is,
That I only eat about 10% of the things I cook,
The rest goes to my husband and kids,
Who gladly eat it,
Most of the time…

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