I have no idea what I'm doing...

Free as a bird

I’ve been called a fool,
A freak,
A loner,
An idealist,
A weirdo,
And a stubborn idiot.

I used to care,
About what people said,
I used to feel,
Like an alien,
On this planet.

Someone who was dropped here,
With an illusion,
Of how the world can be,
How we can conquer anything,
About how life can be amazing,
If we just decide that it is.

I try to teach my children,
That they can be anything,
Do anything,
They want,
I try to tell them that they are beautiful,
And cared for.

Not only by their parents,
But by the whole universe,
If they send out the good,
If they think in terms of love,
And that if they hold on,
To their beliefs,
Anything can happen,
And everything is possible.

Even tough I try to teach them,
They evenly teach me,
To hold on,
To what I love,
And not let the negativity,
Influence my existence.

With them,
And my husband,
I truly believe,
That together,
We can do anything,
That we can reach every star,
Every dream,
And any hope we hold in our hearts.

When I started holding on to the good,
I got signs,
Small ones,
And giant ones,
To keep holding on,
If this was what I really wanted.

And from now on,
I can truly say,
This is what I want,
Without regret,
Or feeling stupid.

My dream may be different than yours,
But it’s mine,
And just like you,
I have a right to hold on to it,
To believe in it,
And to go for it.

Hold on to that dream,
Whoever you are,
Whatever you are doing,
No matter what your situation is,
Keep that vision,
It’s your right,
It’s the wish of your heart,
And the destiny of your soul.

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