I have no idea what I'm doing...

Fresh start

We humans,
We love fresh starts,
We love to start over,
And hate going on,
The same path forever.

We do it in every aspect,
Of our life,
Home decoration,
Or a blog.

We change the lay-out,
The way we want to see things,
To define who we are,
One year you’ll feel like a hippie,
Peace signs everywhere,
And the next you’ll look,
Like an emo,
All black,
No colors.

By altering the way we look,
By altering our house,
Or our clothes,
We send out a message,
To other humans,
This is who we are,
How we feel,
What we want to be.

And if it gets picked up,
I believe it sends out a greater message,
To life,
About our hopes and dreams,
And life will pick it up,
It will resonate with it,
With you.

Whatever you want to be,
However you want to be seen,
Or whatever you want to achieve,
Make your message loud and clear,
In any way you can,
And be sure it’s a good one,
Because you’re gonna get it.

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