I have no idea what I'm doing...


Here it is,
My dark cloud arrived,

It’s been,
A few days,
And I was getting used to,
Living life,
Without it.

It was a bliss,
But hey,
Old friends,
Always return.

Calling it a friend,
Doesn’t make it,
Like Churchill,
Called his depression,
His black dog,
That followed him around,
But it lightens the mood,
A tiny bit.

I’m not depressed,
But that cloud,
Keeps showing up,
Telling me,
That it’s all bad,
I know,
It’s there,
To push me forward,
But all it really does,
Is paralyze me.

I keep asking,
My husband,
For peptalks,
That it will be,
In the end,
But there’s just so much,
He can do.

It has to come,
From me,
I know that,
But school,
Never told me about this,
How to handle life,
When there’s a cloud,
Haunting you.

But you remember,
That scene,
From Harry Potter?
Where they turn,
Their greatest fear,
Into something,

I’m not turning,
My cloud around,
Like that,
I’m trying to turn life,
By looking for,
The joy,
In everything.

That cloud,
Can be my personal assistent,
And I can tell it,
What to do,
Because a cloud,
Let’s face it,
Is just damp.

I can make it look,
Like a unicorn,
Or a famous person,
Like I did,
When I was a kid,
Watching clouds,
In the grass.

And you know what?
All of a sudden,
That cloud isn’t so bad,
In an instant,
I would miss that cloud,
If it left me,
Because this is a funny one,
One that lifts me up,
And makes me smile.

I think,
We can use this,
On everything in life.

Making hard things,
Looking at them,
From a different angle,
And making them work for us,
Instead of against us.

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