I have no idea what I'm doing...

Grab the sugar

If life gives you lemons,
Make some lemonade,
It’s an expression,
That always,
Went over my head.

I always found it,
Easier said,
Than done,
Because when life,
Gives you,
Something sour,
I tend to just taste it,
Not knowing how,
To turn it into lemonade,
Because where do I find,
The sugar?

I could turn it into,
A joke,
And tell you,
To just look,
Into the kitchen cabinet,
And get the pot of sugar,
And you’re done,
But that’s not,
How it works,
Is it?

Turns out,
That in some way,
It really is,
That easy.

There’s just one thing,
That is a little different,
The sugar isn’t in,
The kitchen cabinet,
It’s in your mind.

My daughter,
Became a vegetarian,
A few months ago,
Because she couldn’t stand,
The thought,
That she was eating an animal.

She used her mind,
To come to a decision,
That was life changing,
For her,
And our family,
Because we all,
Started to think about it,
And reduced our meat intake,

If she,
Can turn her life,
To save animals,
Can’t we all,
Turn our life around,
By changing the way we think,
About certain things?

Isn’t that,
The sugar,
We are looking for?

I’m not talking,
About lemons anymore,
Because they taste good to me,
So I never had a problem,
With that kind of fruit.

What I mean,
Is life situations,
Things that bring us down,
That hurt us,
Or that even tear us apart.

Could it be,
That our brain tricks us,
Making us see,
Only one thing,
About the situation,
Making us miss,
The sugar,
The opportunities,
That are right in front of us?

I’m not saying,
That hurt,
Or difficult circumstances,
Aren’t real,
They are,
But maybe,
Just maybe,
Our mind forgets the sugar,
Like we sometimes forget,
To add salt,
To our potatoes.

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