I have no idea what I'm doing...

Great ball of fire

Without my husband,
These blogs,
Would suck,
No really,
I’m not being sarcastic,
And I’m not,
Sucking up.

I hate admitting this,
But it’s the truth,
Without him,
I would have,
Very little to say.

He’s an intellectual,
Reading hard books,
While I’m still reading books,
That are meant,
For teenagers,
I can’t help it,
I love them,
Don’t judge me.

But he reads,
About life,
And energy,
How plants,
And humans,
Are affected by them.

He wants to understand,
How life works,
What makes it come together,
And how all the little,
Ends tie up together.

So it’s thanks to him that I realized,
That life is all about energies,
That what we put out,
Comes back to us,
For years,
I couldn’t understand,
That simple concept.

How can my inside,
Affect the outside,
Nobody hears it,
Or sees it,
But turns out,
They can feel it.

You have a ball,
On the inside,
That ball,
Can be anything,
You want it to be,
It can be angry,
Or even a triangle.

Has a ball like this,
On the inside,
Making it,
Into whatever,
They want it to be.

Some balls,
Will attract,
Each other,
And others,
Will repel,
Each other.

That’s logic,

Fire and water,
Don’t mix,
Red and green,
Will create brown,
But bleu,
And red,
Will create a beautiful purple.

If you look at it,
This way,
Your ball,
Is pretty important.

The best thing about it,
Is that you can change it,
Any second,
Just by thinking about it.

But if we don’t realize,
It’s there,
Waiting for us,
To tell it,
What to do,
Or what to be,
It just bounces around,
Without any direction,
Making it,
A loose object,
Without purpose.

Making other people,
Run away from us,
If you see,
A ball of electricity,
What do you do,

From now on,
Whenever you feel,
In doubt,
Or conflicted,
Focus on that ball,
And turn it into,
The most beautiful thing,
You’ve ever seen,
I promise,
You’ll feel better,
Your energie will shift,
And adapt and,
You’ll attract,
What you really want,
Out of life.

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