I have no idea what I'm doing...

How to buy a house

I saw a video,
About a guy,
Who had no income,
No job,
And no savings.

He wanted,
To turn his life,
And get himself a house.

His idea,
Was to start,
A trading,
Based on a show,
He had seen,
Called “Bigger and better”.

The first item,
He wanted to trade,
Was a paperclip,
A dumb paperclip,
Like we all have,
Lying around,

How do you get,
To a house,
From that,

He did.

In 14 trades,
Only 14,
Can you imagine,
He was a house owner.

And it got me thinking,
What are we all doing,
With our lives,
If you can get a house,
For a paperclip?

When did we stop,
And doing,
What we most want?

Do we really need,
To get at our lowest,
Just to realize,
What we are capable of?

How did we,
Become this way?

All around me,
I hear people talking,
About saving,
Working two jobs,
Doing an extra studie,
To get somewhere,
In the future.

But what if,
The future is now,
In two months,
What if,
What you get in two months,
Is all you get,
For the rest of your life.

What would you,
Be doing then?

Think about it,
I know,
I will.

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