I have no idea what I'm doing...


I have this thing,
Where I go up,
In characters on tv shows,
That are totally fake,
Let’s face it,
They are actors,
Playing a role,
But to me,
They are real.

It’s like that person,
Really exists,
Out there,
And I wanna go there,
And tell them:
“You inspire me”.

I want to get into their world,
Become friends,
And build a life,
That has them in it.

It’s not possible,
I know,
But what we people,
Tend to do,
Is to look at the actor,
As if he is really,
The character he played.

That is how fans are created,
And why “normal” people,
Have the courage to go up to them,
And tell them how much,
They inspired them,
When really,
They just played a role.

A role,
They sometimes start to dislike,
Because it’s not,
Who they really are,
And they feel like,
Their own identity,
Got lost,
Along the way.

Realizing this,
It hit me,
That every person in my life,
Deserves to know,
In what way,
They inspired me,
It can be something small,
Something that isn’t noticed by others,
But that is significant,
Because it’s a personality trait,
That defines them.

I learned that,
Naming that piece of others,
Telling them,
How it affects you,
In a positive way,
Has an even bigger impact on them,
Then it had on me,
In the first place.

Next time,
You’re at work,
Watch that co-worker,
And find that piece that can inspire you,
Even if he annoys the hell out of you,
Most of the time.

And when you find it,
Speak about it,
And watch how their whole exterior changes,
Because you saw something in them,
In their interior world,
And you took the time to mention,
How it inspired you.



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