I have no idea what I'm doing...

It’s the little things

Do you have,
Those moments,
When you feel really,

You like someone,
And you say something stupid,
Or you realize,
You have had a spot,
Of ketchup on your pants,
Near your butt,
All day,
And you realize,
Everyone must have seen it.

At my work,
We have an escalator,
With a small plastic pole,
In front of it,
In the middle,
To avoid that people,
Take carts or buggies up there,
For their safety,
At least one’s a day,
Someone bumps into it,
Because they weren’t paying attention.

Add to that,
That there is always,
One of us,
Standing there,
To great people,
Into the shop,
Or to give directions,
So yes,
We see it,
Every time.

We also have a computer,
That customers can use,
To print their customer card,
When they lost it,
And everyday,
At least one person,
Thinks it’s a touchscreen,
Not realizing,
There is an old school mousse,

And we see it,
The walking into the pole,
The shame,
People tapping on the screen,
Feeling like an idiot,
When they realize the mousse is there,
The red cheeks,
The pretending that,
Nothing happened.

And you know what?
We don’t care.

I’m not trying to be mean,
I’m just trying to tell you,
That all those little things,
That seem to wreck your day,
Or make you feel like an idiot,
Nobody cares.

You know why?
Because the rest of the population,
Feels exactly,
Like you.

They are dealing,
With their own things,
That make them feel,
Like an idiot.

That ketchup stain,
Probably just made someone feel,
Like they are not the only one,
That that happens to,
The mousse,
I didn’t notice it either,
When I first used that computer,
And I felt just as stupid,
As all the people,
I see everyday,
Making the same “mistake”.

All the things that feel,
Like they are shaming you,
Are there,
To make someone else,
Feel better,
Less of a loner,
It puts a smile,
On their face,
And they feel better,
Because of you,
And your ketchup stain.

They feel connected,
When they see you,
Tapping that screen,
Like an idiot,
And they like you,

So you see,
All those errors,
Are little acts,
Of love,
You perform,

I’m so proud of you,
I am.

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