I have no idea what I'm doing...

Jobs like this…

It’s a strange thing,
In my life,
Every time,
A new job,
Is necessary,
I look out,
For one,
Where I have the least,
Of responsibility.

Something easy,
Where I do my shift,
And go home.

It’s not that I’m lazy,
When I work,
I really work,
Or that I’m afraid,
Of taking responsibility,
Because I know,
I can handle it.

It’s just,
Not in me,
To be a boss,
Or a manager,
Or whatever name,
They come up with.

If I find,
A work environment,
Where I feel happy,
And have colleagues,
To chat with,
And that I can rely on,
When it’s necessary,
I’m content,

That are my expectations,
And every time,
I land in a position,
Where I’m forced,
To take responsibility.

The person in charge,
For about 4 hours,
Of the five,
That I had to work.

Leaving me alone,
With an intern,
That only worked there,
For about 3 times.
Say ‘’Hello’’,
To responsibility…

I handled it all,
The parents,
The kids,
Customers with questions,
Meanwhile telling the intern,
What to do,
In a manner,
That wasn’t bossy.

The more I did it,
The more fun,
It became,
Making jokes,
With the people waiting,
Even getting a pat,
On the back,
From a customer,
And a drawing,
From a darling girl.

I learned,
That responsibility,
Can mean two things,
The one in my mind,
Included feeling tired,
With a large burden,
On my shoulders.

But it turns out,
That it can make you shine,
Because you make it fun,
It gives you confidence,
And it makes you realize,
That you can mean,
A lot,
To a bunch of strangers,
Because they rely on you,
To make their day better.

And in the end,
We all have that responsibility,
To make each others,
Lives better,
So continuing this,
At work,
Is just logic.

Maybe that’s why,
I kept landing,
Jobs like this…
To see the truth,
About responsibility,
That it’s just,
Another word for,
Who you,
Are meant,
To be.

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