I have no idea what I'm doing...

Just like my husband

I’ve always been the type,
That wanted things done,

If something,
Popped into my head,
It had to happen,
Right away.

It could be,
Something small,
Like buying a book,
Or going,
To the grocery store to,
Get a piece of chocolate.

It would be more drastic,
I have to paint,
The walls of the bedroom,
In dark green,
Right now.

I need a bike,
Let’s go buy one,

Needless to say,
These things,
Often went wrong,
Although I couldn’t always,
Or admit that,
Right away.

When I painted the hallway,
In two colors,
Red and purple,
I know,
What the f,
And it looked like a freakish flag,
It took me about a half year,
To see that it was a bad idea.

My husband always,
Leaves me the freedom,
To do this kind of crap,
He never complains,
And just goes with it.

He’s very down to earth,
And takes his time,
With things,
He never sets a deadline,
And just makes sure,
That it’s done well.

That has been rubbing off,
On me,
It only took 14 years,
But whatever…

Something clicked,
And I don’t have the need,
To get things done,
Right away.

You know what?
Doing the stuff,
Right away,
Not only created,
A bad result,
It also took away the joy,
Of doing it.

I now appreciate,
Taking the time,
To choose a color,
Or a chair,
Because I realize,
It’s not something,
For just now,
To have right away.

It’s a life choice,
Something that redirects,
My path,
That shows the world,
Who I am,
On the inside.

And I don’t want to be,
That spoiled and selfish child,
That has to has his way,
Right away,
Every time.

I want to be,
That down to earth person that,
Figures things out,
And enjoys,
Creating a new space,
For everyone,
To enjoy,
Just like my husband.

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