I have no idea what I'm doing...

Just. Breathe.

The last two weeks,
I picked up a new habit,
One I would have never thought,
I would master.

Well, mastering is a big word,
I’m still trying,
But it helps,
More than I could have ever imagined.

I started meditating,
Without research,
Without a guide,
Or a book,
Telling me what to do.

I noticed that I was stressed,
And tired,
All the time,
And I felt my emotions,
Spiraling down.

One evening,
After a long, warm bath,
I placed myself on my bed,
Crossed my legs,
Placed my wrists on my knees,
Closed my eyes,
And started breathing.

Not the shallow breath,
That I use all day,
A concentrated breath,
Calming me down,
And making me feel relaxed.

The day flashed by before my eyes,
Everything that had bothered me,
Made me feel angry,
Or situations that gave me a feeling,
That I had failed.

With every breath that went out,
The situation got smaller,
More insignificant,
And I could let it go.

Making room,
For the things that I did want,
Like joy,
And more smiles.

I remember the phrase from the movie,
“Eat, pray, love”,
To smile with your liver,
And I never got it,
Until now.

It’s like my body,
Is so grateful,
That I just take a moment to myself,
A breath,
Some quiet time,
That my inside is smiling,
Just as bright,
As my outside.

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