I have no idea what I'm doing...

Let the games begin!

As human beings,
We are very fond,
Of playing games,
Even in the times of Caesar,
It was all about bread,
And games.

I like a good board game,
Like Monopoly,
To play with the family,
There’s no problem there.

What I’m talking about,
Is mindgames.

Not the kind,
Where you have to solve,
A puzzle,
But the kind we play,
With each other.

People seldomly,
Say what they mean,
And mean what they say.

I invented my own game,
One where I find out,
Where someone’s pressure point is,
What will trigger,
Their true personality.

Because that’s what,
I’m interested in,
People can play,
A perfect role,
For years,
And I want to punch through,
The facade.

I’ll never tell them,
Neither will I use it,
In a negative way,
Most of the time,
It turns out as a blessing.

People will show you,
Who they are,
They might start screaming,
Or laughing,
But the end result,
Is always the same.
They get the insight,
That no matter how bad,
It gets,
I won’t run,
And if I won’t run,
The people they love,
Certainly won’t.

On the contrary,
They’ll feel honored,
To see that person,
For who he or she is,
They will understand them better,
And have a better idea,
On how to make their life,

You can play,
A lot of games,
In this world,
And exciting ones,
But the most exciting,
One of all,
Is finding someone’s,
True self,
Shown without fear,
Or shame.

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