I have no idea what I'm doing...

Let the games begin

It arrived.

After spending two hours in a free sewing lesson for my daughter I finally ordered a sewing machine.
I had been playing with the idea of making my own clothes for months.

But, yes, money is still tight.
And those machines just aren’t cheap.
I thought about getting a secondhand one but then I wouldn’t have any service if something ever went wrong.

And since I have no experience what so ever… Things will go wrong.

The lesson was an eye-opener for me.
In that way that it is a lot harder then it looks.

When you watch a video on Youtube it flows.
It looks like a piece of cake.
It is not.

I always had this strange idea that people were making it sound a lot harder then it really is.
Books are filled with explanations on how to make you own clothes.

But it’s just cutting and stitching it together, right?

I always knew there must be a reason why some clothes are so expensive, now I know.

It is the way things are stitched (you can see it in your own clothes) and the material it is made of.
But still, I never expected it to be so hard.

”Practice, practice, practice”, was the advice I got from one of the fellow moms, who was stitching a perfect skirt, for a girl that wasn’t even there.

My daughter on the other hand was a natural.
Not only with the machine (she instantly knew how to work it) but also with the fabrics.
She had no fear.
She experimented, fiddled with the machine and made me completely unnessecary.

I felt proud.
Seeing her excited, doing something she had never done before.

Two days later I ordered the machine.
Today, it arrived.
It is standing on the dinner table, waiting.

It terrifies me.
But my daughter promised me she would teach me.
Everything she knows.
And that she’ll be very patient.

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