I have no idea what I'm doing...

Letter to a friend

I just wanted,
To write a letter,
To a friend,
I hold very dear.

So here goes,
Dear friend,
I hope you know,
That you are loved,
You can imagine.

Not only,
By the people,
That surround you,
In your daily life,
Total strangers,
Will fall in love,
With you,
And cherish the memory,
Of meeting you,

The universe,
Loves you,
Without limits,
Beyond reason,
And far across,
All the galaxies.

It wants,
The absolute best,
For you,
And it works,
To get you everything,
Your heart desires.

I wish for you,
That you may know,
How absolutely,
And unique you are.

The things that make you,
The way you eat,
Your spaghetti,
Or the way you,
Brush your hair,
What you do,
In your free time,
And the books you read,
Are a tribute,
To all that lies,
In the depths of your soul.

I desire,
For you,
To see,
That you are worthy,
Of the best things,
That life has to offer,
And that you see,
The opportunities,
That lie in front of you,

And please remember,
Your courage,
All the things you’ve faced,
And handled,
With dignity,
And compassion.

You are,

That tells you otherwise,
Is feeding you lies,
And needs your help,
To open their eyes,
Either by staying,
Or by walking away.

Never feel bad,
For walking away,
To keep yourself,
And centered.

You are life’s,
Greatest creation,
Yes you,
Who else did you think,
I was talking to?

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