I have no idea what I'm doing...

Little universe

I use,
Public transport,
On a daily basis.

I have a driver’s license,
But I just don’t like,
Too much fuss,
And a lot of aggression,
On the road,
Put me off.

Now I can hear you say,
Public transport,
Isn’t that much fun,
Too many people,
All the pushing,
And shoving.

But I’ve come,
To appreciate it,
When I get a seat,
And I always do,
I’ll just plug in,
My headphones,
Listen to some music,
Or mantra’s,
And I come into,
A state of relaxation.

I’ve started,
To look forward,
To these trips,
That last about,
An hour and a half,
To get to work.

Looking around,
At all the people,
Getting on and off,
What their life,
Is like,
How they feel,
What they are thinking.

I don’t need to hear,
Their conversations,
They bug me,
I want to make them up,
Creating the stories,
For them.

And if I look at it,
Like that,
Public transport,
A little universe,
Where I oversee,
And learn things,
about people,
That I’ve never met,
And will probably,
Never see again.

And you know what?
Because I make up,
The stories,
I always,
Want the best for them,
You know,
Like when you’re watching,
A good movie,
Or a show,
On tv,
And you want it,
To end well?

That’s how I feel,
About that little universe,
And that gives me,
The courage,
To feel the same,
About all the other,
Human beings,
On this little blue planet.

I want the best,
For all of them,
All their dreams,
And wishes,
I want to grant them,
Without fear,
Or doubt.

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