I have no idea what I'm doing...


I don’t know about you,
But I often wonder,
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
And what is the meaning of it all?

I feel like,
So many of us,
Are lost,
And giving up.

We don’t know,
How to turn it around,
How to change things,
What can make it better,

We comply,
To what other people tell us,
How we should act,
What we should say,
And what we should do,
With our lives.

And you know what?
It makes us miserable,
Because what works for them,
Doesn’t necessarily,
Work for us.

Not only that,
What if they don’t know,
Who they are either?

How can someone give you advice,
On how to live your life,
If they don’t even know,
The meaning of their own?

Wouldn’t the world,
Be a better place,
If we lead by example,
By following our hearts,
Telling our children,
That it’s ok to be different?

That we all matter,
No matter what we decide,
On who we are,
And what we want to do,
With our lives?

Because isn’t that,
What it’s all about,
That one little world,
Not somebody else’s,

We got this life,
For a reason,
To live it,
Nothing less,
But a lot more,
Then how,
We are living it now.

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