I have no idea what I'm doing...

Look up to yourself

Isn’t it amazing,
That there are 7 billion people,
In this world,
And that we are all the same,
But yet so different?

We are all human,
We bleed,
When we get cut,
We cry,
When we get hurt,
We laugh,
When we are happy,
And we all look for something,
That gives our life meaning.

There will never be,
A second Freddie Mercury,
Or Albert Einstein,
Maybe someone will look like them,
But they will never be the same.

They are heroes,
Of past time,
They lived an inspiring life,
Changing the way,
We see things,
And had an impact,
On millions of lives,
An impact that never fades.

And us,
Little mortal beings,
We think,
We can never life up to them,
They are legends,
We can never come,
Even close to them.

We are doomed,
To live a normal life,
Where no one will remember,
Our names,
Or what we did,
We don’t have an impact,


Remember my first paragraph?

We are all different,
But yet,
We are the same.

Before you start arguing,
That you are not a Freddie,
Or an Albert,
Hear me out,

You are amazing,
You change lives,
In every way,
By who you are,
The words you speak,
The things you do,
And how you do them.

Don’t question this,
If you ever take anything from me,
Let it be this,

The people you admire,
They were just being themselves,
And look at what they accomplished,
Just by being there,
By being themselves.

There is no difference,
Between them and you,
Because we are all human,
The inspiration,
Is in our differences.

And those differences,
Guide us,
Teach us,
To simply be ourselves,
Because you are enough,
You are so enough.

Just like Freddie,
Or whoever you look up to.

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