I have no idea what I'm doing...

Lost in space

It is often discussed,
In books,
And anything else you can think of,
The meaning of life.

Some people are convinced,
That it’s all about survival,
Paying your bills,
Buying a home,
Driving a nice car,
And go on holiday,
A few times a year.

And I always wonder,
Am I the only one,
Who finds this image,
Incredibly depressing?

Cause if this,
Is the reason,
We were placed on this planet,
Then what the hell am I doing here?

Did someone drop me,
In the wrong place?
Did I get lost?

I got lost,
In this society,
This way of thinking,
That there is nothing more,
And I closed my eyes,
To all the wonders that are all around us.

Have you ever seen a baby,
Or a young child,
Crawling around,
Discovering the world?

By everything they see,
Entertaining themselves,
With a simple leaf,
Or a piece of grass,
It’s amazing.

When did we lose that?

A kid never worries,
About bills,
Or what car their parents drive,
That comes later,
When society gets a grip on them.

All of us,
Were placed in the right place,
At the right time,
On an incredible planet,
That provides for everyone,
With amazing places,
To explore,
And the ability to dream,
About anything we want.

When did we decide,
To close our eyes,
Our minds,
And our hearts,
To all these wonders?

Maybe the meaning of life,
Is just to keep our eyes open,
Even when it gets scary,
To keep an open mind,
Even when we don’t get it,
And a heart that loves,
Without limits.

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