I have no idea what I'm doing...

Lucifer, what we all are

I have a new addiction,
No worries,
It’s a show on Netflix,
That I wanted to see,
For what seems ages,
But the time,
Just never seemed right.

It’s called “Lucifer”,
If you have seen it,
Don’t give me any spoilers,
And If you haven’t,
Go watch it,
After you read my blog 🙂

Turns out,
The devil isn’t who I thought,
He was,
And he’s pretty good,
At solving murders too.

But what I take most,
Out of the series,
Is the mistakes,
We all seem to make.

First off,
We think everything in this world,
Is about us,
That we are the centre,
Of everything,
We can’t help it,
It’s our ego,
That wants to be heard,
And loved.

We don’t listen,
Not really,
We hear something,
And we jump,
To conclusions,
We make it,
About us,
How we feel about it,
Think about it,
And how we would act on it.

And it made me wonder,
What if we all,
Would act,
And listen more,
From our hearts,
And not our ego’s,
What a wonder would that be…

Fear of misunderstanding,
Or crushed dreams,
Would disappear,
Because you know what?
Our heart knows the truth,
And we,
We just have to speak it.

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