I have no idea what I'm doing...

My terrible brain

I love texting,
I hate phone calls,
Anything I can do,
Through a text,
I will.

My husband,
And grandmother are the exception,
I love hearing their voices,
Through the phone,
Listening to their stories.

I guess it’s because,
They are the ones I feel,
Most comfortable with,
They won’t judge,
When I say something stupid.

Believe it or not,
I say a lot of stupid things,
It’s like my brain,
Has no filter,
And the first thing that comes up,
Pops out of my mouth.

Not everyone appreciates that,
I know,
Later on,
I’ll think about what I said,
And then my brain,
Starts questioning,
If what I said wasn’t a bit too much,
My brain is kind of a bastard,
Because he can keep me busy,
For hours,
With this.

Texting is a different story,
You can think about what you are typing,
My brain is male,
I’m sure of it,
And can’t do two things at once,
So I have to read what I’m typing,
And then I can delete it,
If it sounds bad,
Or I can put an emoji next to it,
To soften the blow.

But that raises another problem,
Because most men,
Hate texting,
It’s a girl thing,
So the male responses,
Are as short as possible,
Which makes my brain,
Go in overdrive,
Did I say something wrong?
What is the tone of that text?
Is it so hard to use an emoji,
To soften my blow?

I just can’t win,
From my terrible brain…

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