I have no idea what I'm doing...

Not Freddie…

Mercury went retrograde,
A few weeks ago,
And boy,
Have I felt it.

That bugger of a planet,
Gets me every time,
When it starts turning backwards,
Holding up life,
So we get time,
To overthink things.

And how I hate overthinking things…

I’m very good at it,
There’s no question about that.

Did I say that right?
Why is that person staring at me?
Did I do something wrong?
Is my outfit ok?

Mercury doesn’t care about,
That superficial stuff,
He loves to go deep,
Deep into your emotions,
And he takes a trip with you,
To everything that could have gone,
And he’ll make you think about it,
Whether you like it or not.

Needles to say,
Emotions run wild.

During this time,
You’ll find me in bed,
Sobbing over a ridiculous movie,
That I would never watch,
In a normal mood.

I’ll start cleaning,
Like a maniac,
Just to get my mind off of things,
And I’ll throw away stuff,
That I’ll probably regret later.

Let’s talk about that,
Because in two days,
Mercury will go his jolly way again,
His normal route,
And he’ll act,
Like nothing happened.
You’ve signed contracts,
That looked amazing,
But turn out to be a can of worms,
When Mercury is back on track.

Truth be told,
It’s not all bad,
My house never looks cleaner,
Then after a Mercury retrograde,
And I’m not only talking,
About my brick house.

Every time it’s over,
I feel unloaded,
My mind is clearer,
And my spirit is lifted.

If you look at it,
That way,
Mercury is the big cleaner,
He makes sure,
We don’t hold on,
To things,
That no longer serve us.

But before that,
He’ll make us go,
Through the dirt,
The clutter,
And the mess,
So you can come out,
Brand new,
And shiny.

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