I have no idea what I'm doing...

Not perfect

We are all human,
All the same,
Not perfect.

We make mistakes,
Screw up,
Do things wrong.

It can be little things,
Like wearing an outfit that just doesn’t match,
And it can be big things,
Like cheating,
Forgetting something,
Or someone.

But what we forget most,
The biggest mistake we all make,
Is about ourselves.

We don’t like ourselves very much,
Think we’re not good enough,
Not smart enough,
Not pretty enough.

When we were kids, we didn’t care,
Until we got bullied,
Or picked on,
Or when a teacher said we failed.

Doubt was introduced,
And once it is there,
It is very hard to get rid of.

So, let me tell you now,
You are perfect,
Absolutely and utterly perfect.

No one can compete with you,
Nobody should compete with you,
Because we are all perfect,
Just the way we are.

Remember that,
Never forget it.

Now go out,
And do something amazing,
…by being yourself.

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