I have no idea what I'm doing...

One of those days

We all have,
Those days,
That we feel like,
A big zero,
Little bit of a failure,
And a waste of space.

I don’t know,
About you,
But I never really,
Like those days.

Because those days,
Feel like,
A lost day,
Because when you feel bad,
Nothing really,
Gets done.

Most of the time,
I just curl up,
In bed,
Watching Netflix,
And eating chocolate.

Not sure why,
But chocolate,
Always seems to be,
The thing I turn to,
When things go wrong,
It’s like a safety blanket.

My laundry piles up,
On those days,
And I never really feel,
Like talking about it,
Because really,
There’s nothing to say,
I just feel bad,
And like a big loser,
What’s more to say,
About that?

So I just hide,
In a tv show,
Under a blanket,
Until the dark clouds,
Have passed.

With the spirit of Christmas,
Hanging around,
I feel like,
I should handle those days,

It’s an easy assumption,
When you are out,
Of the dark clouds,
And when life,
Looks rosy,
But those days,
Will return,
They always do,
It’s like the circle of life.

Just maybe,
I need those days,
Where I feel like,
Absolute sh..,
To remember,
Everything to be,
Grateful for.

Let’s face it,
When we feel good,
We easily overlook,
What we already have.

And isn’t that,
What Christmas,
Is all about as well?

Celebrating it,
With family,
And loved ones,
Just to remember,
How lucky,
We really are,
How loved,
And adored?

When I look at it,
Like that,
Every bad day,
Could be looked at,
Like a Christmas day,
And let that just be,
My favorite holiday.

All of a sudden,
Those bad days,
Turn out to be,
Very good days,
Where I lay in bed,
Stuff my face,
With the best thing in the world,
And surround myself,
With the people I,
Love the most,
My family.

It really is all about,
The way we look at things,
Isn’t it?

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