I have no idea what I'm doing...

Only human?

You often hear the phrase,
“I’m only human”,
But what does that really mean?

In society terms,
It means that we make mistakes,
And that we are allowed to make them,
Because we are not robots,
Or computers,
That are programmed,
With a perfect setting,
Where nothing goes wrong.

But even computers make mistakes,
They crash,
Files get deleted,
And they even catch viruses,
Like we do,
And get “sick”.

Or are we comparing ourselves,
To animals,
Because they go,
With their instinct,
And lack the brain capacity,
We posses,
So they can’t make mistakes,
Because everything is done by gut feeling?

Or is it that,
We simply accept animals,
The way they are?

If a cheetah eats a monkey,
We call it nature,
The animal has to survive,
So it eats another one,
When a monkey gives birth,
And doesn’t take care,
Of it’s baby,
It means,
There is something wrong with the baby,
And we never question it.

But if we,
As human beings,
Do such things,
The rest of the world is disgusted,
We judge,
And we punish,
Parents that can’t take care of a child,
And if a mother decides,
Before birth,
That she can’t handle a child,
And gets an abortion,
We judge,
And punish her again,
She should have been more careful,

When a woman gets raped,
We look for a fault,
That she made,
Did she wear short skirts?
Was she drunk?
Did she seduce the man,
And got herself raped?

How is it,
That we are more forgiving,
Towards animals,
And machines,
Then we are towards each other?

How come,
We are more compassionate,
Towards fuzzy creatures,
Then we are,
Towards our own kind?

“I’m only human”,
Gets a whole different meaning,
In a blink,
It becomes very diminishing towards ourselves,
“We are ONLY human”,
Like we dangle beneath everything else.

As if we are not worthy,
Of any compassion,
Or help.

We are human,
We make mistakes,
None of us have it figured out,
Or know what the hell,
We are doing,
But we are trying,
We are trying,
Our very best,
To do good.

But what if doing good,
Is not what is imprinted,
On us for years,
By our society?

Doing good,
Is what is good for you,
For some,
That is staying in bed,
Crying your eyes out,
For others,
It’s working hard,
To accomplish something,
That no one else can,
And for some,
It is writing down their thoughts,
So maybe,
Someone’s life,
Get’s a little bit better,
They believe in themselves a little bit more,
And do something,
That is unique to them,
And that,
Is what makes us human.

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