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Pity party

I’m gonna be honest,
I never watch those talent shows,
Like X-factor,
The Voice,
Or America’s got talent,
Or any other country.

I simply find them,
Very cruel,
Just imagine,
Standing there,
On that stage,
A thousand people in the audience,
And a sceptic jury,
Watching you.

You pick up all your courage,
And start singing,
Or whatever talent,
You were gifted with,
And then,
They buzz you,
Tell you why it was bad,
And you get crushed.

It takes a very strong person,
To go on the show,
To begin with,
But even a stronger one,
To continue,
With their dream,
After they had,
A devastating comment.

But every now and then,
My husband shows me a clip,
On YouTube,
Something he likes,
Or touches his heart.

This time,
It was America’s got talent,
And boy,
Does he have talent…

I’m talking about,
Puddle’s pity party,
This man blew me away,
He is dressed as a sad clown,
And gave his version,
Of “Chandelier” by Sia.

I’m gonna be honest again,
And tell you,
That I always hated that song,
I know,
It was a big hit,
But it never resonated with me.

Puddle’s version,
Has been on repeat,
For days now.

His voice,
The commitment,
The emotions,
It touches me,
Right in my heart.

And this man,
This amazing guy,
Starts crying,
When the audience goes nuts,
Because he just didn’t realize,
How good he really is.

Thank you Mr. Puddles,
I can add you,
To my list of heroes,
You are an inspiration,
For everyone who has a talent,
And is afraid to share it,
With this world,
Because of the critics,
Whom you’ve proved wrong,
In such an elegant way.

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