I have no idea what I'm doing...


My boss is on holiday.
For ten days.
He comes back.

But that is a national holiday.
So I don’t see him until monday.

5 days.
That’s how long I did the store without him.
5 days.
I thought it would be horrible.

But it was ok.
I managed.
Very well actually.

Nothing went wrong.
Nothing was forgotten.
All customers were happy.

Until now.
An hour before closing time.
On the last day alone.
Without my boss.

I’ve mistaken one of my clients for another one…
I only found out at the end.
They found out too.
That was the worst part…

Red cheecks.
Hot flashes.
A voice in my head screaming.
My inner self fainting.

I’m still not over it.
They left half an hour ago.
It took twenty minutes to reassure her.

Now I feel tired.
And a bit stupid.

And glad that my boss is back on monday.

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