I have no idea what I'm doing...


Some people change the world,
Just by being there,
Being themselves,
Telling jokes,
Making people laugh.

We love those people,
Even if they are famous,
And miles away.

We put them in our heart,
And never let them go.

But what is behind the smiles?
Behind the jokes?
We never really knew these people.

Wether they are actors, or singers,
We know their roles, their music,
But we never know who they are.

Robin Williams was, for me, one of those people,
Growing up I was addicted to his movies,
Jack, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji,
And later on: What dreams may come or Patch Adams,
Whatever he did, he touched my heart.

He made me smile,
He made me cry.

And now, he’s gone…
I’ll never talk to him,
Will never be able to tell him what he did for me,
How his movies helped me to hold on.

I’ll never meet him,
Never congratulate him.

He saved my life,
In many ways,
And I just feel so sad…
That I wasn’t there to return the favor.

I’m sorry Mister Williams,
You great man,
I hope you hear me,
Up there,
Laughing in the sky,
Telling jokes.
Making people laugh.

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