I have no idea what I'm doing...


I love shoes,
Who doesn’t,

They are pretty,
You can walk into a shoe shop,
And just fall in love,
With a pair of heels,
Some sneakers,
Or a great pair of boots.

But then you come home,
And you find out,
They hurt,
They don’t match with anything you have,
Or they make you look like a drag queen (I have one of those)

When they hurt,
It usually means you can’t walk in them,
But you just bought them,
So when you’re a patient person,
You’ll try to walk them in,
Stretch them with some wet newspaper,
Or any other trick I don’t know about.

But honestly,
Mostly they become “sitting shoes”,
To go to places where you only have to sit,
And the car is parcked max ten minutes away.

Or they become “looking” shoes,
They just stand in your closet,
Looking pretty,
Every now and then,
You touch them,
And feel sad that you can’t wear them.

When they don’t match,
It’s pretty much the same story,
I have over 30 pairs of shoes (yes, I know),
And I have about seven pair,
That are looking shoes,
And sitting shoes.

But I just don’t have the heart,
To throw them out,
Sell them,
Or give them away.

They’re so pretty…

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